Design Process

The Profession of Interior Design has its own body of knowledge that makes it unique, distinguishing it from its closest allies, interior decoration and architecture.

The Central Focus of a professional commercial interior designer concerns the specific knowledge required for the design of space for work and human interaction. Making aesthetic choices i.e. color, furniture and finishes recommendations, are all part of the basic scope of service of a professional interior designer, but not its limitation. Embedded into the scope of work are considerations for protecting life and property and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of the public. Interior design deals with building codes, fire and life safety codes and accessibility. Where the public’s safety is involved, there is responsibility and liability.

The work of a professional interior designer is accomplished through a Phased Process that centers on being an advocate for the client and/or owner. The process begins with research and understanding the goals a client or owner has for the project, the budget and schedule implications for the scope of work, and continues through the design phases where the goals are given form. Next, a professional interior designer prepares documents for interior construction and specification and, on behalf of the client or owner, supports the pricing process. The designer coordinates, on an ongoing basis, with all outside consultants and stakeholders, and monitors the interior construction phase of the project through project completion to ensure the work, costs, and schedule are all on track.

Drawings are the main means of communication for an interior designer.  We communicate through graphics and notes with the future occupant of the space, the construction crew, the leasing agent, and the building management.  We look at our communication medium through all these people’s eyes to put our ideas on paper completely, clearly, precisely, and understandable for everyone. Our Construction Drawings become legal documents, signed by a licensed professional, as part of the lease documents and for the permit and bidding processes.

We strive to make every project a great project for the client, for us, and for everybody involved in order to be proud of our work and give meaning to what we do on a daily basis.